Scholarship Opportunity

Early in our nation’s history, when illiteracy was the norm and the people were mostly agrarian laborers, there were no public institutions dedicated to improving the education of people and providing a solid future for coming generations. Freemasonry led the way during those ages in developing a competent working class capable of independent thought and action. Masons of previous generations worked tirelessly to establish new schools, and to enhance public knowledge and educational opportunities. One such example is Brother Benjamin Franklin and the University of Pennsylvania.

We, as Masons, elect to assist those engaged in this process of attaining knowledge to make a significant impact on future generations. We do this by supporting public education and championing the cause of our public school systems. To accomplish these goals in Florida, the Grand Master appoints a Committee on Public Education and Citizenship, which serves to promote and aid students of our public school system. Specifically, the Grand Lodge of Florida offers all graduating High School seniors the opportunity to be awarded a scholarship that may be used at any State of Florida supported Institution.


All Graduating High School Seniors in the State of Florida who will be attending a STATE OF FLORIDA SUPPORTED INSTITUTION (college, university, community college, technical college, or other such institution of higher education governed by the Florida State Board of Regents or the Florida Department of Education) during the following term (semester or quarter). The applicant must enter the school within one semester/quarter (excluding summer sessions) after having been awarded the scholarship.


An essay of no less than 1,000 words or more than 1,250 words on the topic “Why Education is Important” and a completed Scholarship Application form. All work must be original and the essay becomes the property of The Grand Lodge of Florida.


January 20, 2024, is the deadline for submission. The application and essay must be received by the State Chairman no later than midnight on January 20, 2024. Any applications and essays received after that date will be returned.

If you would like to participate, please download detailed information and all required forms below. Any questions concerning this scholarship award opportunity must be directed to the Grand Lodge of Florida.

Contact the State Chairman