Grand Master's Charity

The Masonic Home of Florida

Over 18 acres of waterfront landscape and a 5-star living facility, the Masonic Home of Florida offers spectacular views, comfortable living, exceptional care and a family atmosphere for our residents.

With the support of our Brothers and our dedicated Staff, the Masonic Home of Florida has reinvented the art of graceful living. Masons and their wives/widows thrive in an atmosphere of home charm, yet are provided the most comprehensive health care regimens available in Florida today. Geriatric physicians and specialists design personal care programs with the assistance of physical and occupational therapists, audiologists, podiatrists, speech therapists, ophthalmologists,

dentists and psychosocial counselors. Emphasis is placed on independence to preserve self reliance and a healthy self esteem. Even day to day routines have been generously peppered with choices to our residents which fosters a greater control over their daily lives.

The Masonic Home of Florida has been owned and operated by the Grand Lodge of Florida since the early 1900’s. A series of building expansions beginning in 1973 brought us to the present 150,000 square foot Home which can accommodate up to 187 Residents in a state-of-the-art setting. We must continue the good work of our many Brothers before us, and strive to live up to our obligations. Join the Grand Master for this 2021 Masonic year in supporting the Masonic Home of Florida.