Senior Grand Warden

R∴W∴ Taleb T. Atala
Senior Grand Warden's Message

My Brothers,

I would like to thank you, the Craft, for placing your trust in me and for allowing me the opportunity to serve you. For electing me as your Senior Grand Warden, and I say “Your” because the well-being and future of our Fraternity rests in our collective hands.

Without the support of the Craft, your Grand Line of Florida can’t succeed.

Let it be known, that together we can.

By following our Digest of Masonic Law and by understanding the meaning of our Degrees, Obligations, Charges, and all our Rituals we will flourish. Without them we will fail.

We are special. Let us keep it that way.

Again, Thank you.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

R∴W∴ Tali Atala

Senior Grand Warden