Grand Lodge Office Staff

Wendy John
Office Manager / Asst. to the Grand Secretary

Annual Grand Communication Planning (Primary Contact for Hotel); Public Relations; Assist the Grand Secretary with Special Projects; Assist the Grand Master with Correspondence, Executive Orders, Proclamations, Dispensations; Resignations; Masonic Digest Questions; Penal Affairs Files; Proofread ALL Publications; Preparation of Monthly Mail Correspondence; Corporate Board Preparation/Minutes; Board of Trustees Minutes; U.D. Lodge Files; D.D.G.M. Orientation; Coordinate with Vendors; Order Supplies/Publications.

Jorge Aladro
Inter-Jurisdictional Correspondent

Inter-Jurisdictional Correspondence (Transfer/Dimit/Dual Affiliations from outside of Florida); Process and Track Grand Representative Appointments; Process By-Laws; Process incoming invitations from other Grand Jurisdictions.

Maegan Dover
Publications / Project Specialist

Publications: Proceedings, Digest Inserts, MLT Inserts, all Printed Booklets for Annual Grand Communication and Masonic Education, Florida Directory, Master and Secretaries Directory; Process Business Card Orders; Prepare Stationery and Envelopes for printing; Annual Committee Awards; Florida Time in Service Awards; Printing Masonic Education Certificates; Outgoing Weekly and Monthly Mail; Past Master Certificates and Cards; Grand Lodge Appointment Cards; Maintaining the Filed 990 List per Lodge as Received; Print letterhead, envelopes, booklets, and publications; Assist in all departments as needed.

Pamela Jones
Information & Data Specialist / Annual Return Auditor

Prepare, Print, Mail, and Audit of Annual Returns; Prepare, Print, and Mail Renewal Notices and Dues Cards; Membership Data Entry from Membership Databases, Email, and Snail Mail; Troubleshoot Membership Issues; Maintain Address Changes and Bad Addresses from returned mail; Monthly Member Information Sheets.

Sally Blossey
Account Department Manager

Preparation of all financial reports; Investments and Banking statements; Filing of Corporate Returns for Lodges; preparation of reports for State of Florida on behalf of the Masonic Home; coordinates with auditor for annual audit; annual budget preparation; coordinates with insurance company for the Grand Lodge and Masonic Home insurance; Solicitation Act Annual Reports; maintain Masonic Charities and Child ID Funds; Executive Order Budget Transfers; and IRS Reporting; Grand Lodge Payables.

Deborah Hartford
Personnel Clerk / Accounts Payable

To oversee and prepare the payroll for The Grand Lodge of Florida and the Masonic Home of Florida. Prepare quarterly tax reports and year end closing for payroll, including W2’s for employees and Internal Revenue Service. Maintain insurance records and reconcile to companies monthly invoices. Prepare checks for all Grand Lodge and Masonic Home expenses through system and manually. Prepare all disbursement transfers. Maintain Accounts Payable Vendors list. Maintain a check register log for all checks. Mailing of checks, filing of invoices and checks. Preparation of 1099’s.

Angela Edenfield
Perpetual Membership / Accounts Receivable

Processes all Perpetual Memberships; printing and mailing of Financed Perpetual Statements; Monthly Sales Tax Reports; processes all funds received at the Grand Lodge office by preparing and posting daily deposits; posts all Requisitions for Supplies for Lodges to the Accounts Receivable Program along with payments received; prepares and prints monthly invoice statements for all Lodges and Masonic Home residents; processes monthly Resident Guest Fees for all MH residents and maintains their personal accounts. Reports for the Order of the Eastern Star; back-up for accounts payables and payroll.

Jenny Martinez

Answer Incoming Calls; Coordinate Courtesy Funeral Services; Processing and Tracking of Courtesy Awards from Other Jurisdictions; Distribute Time in Service Awards for Masons living outside of Florida; Process and Track Supply Orders; Process Certificates of Appreciation, Recognition, Eagle and Girl Scout Certificates, Honorary Membership Certificates, Grand Master Youth Award Certificates; Posting and Processing of Donations for the Grand Lodge and Masonic Home.