Fraternal Endowment Fund FA-100

What is the FA-100?

In 1993, the Corporate Board changed the employee retirement program for Grand Lodge that existed, and found that there was a surplus in the accounts and established what we know today as the Fraternal Administrative Endowment Fund (FA-100).

The Fund above was started with an initial investment as a trust fund account that, through the years with donations, along with good investments, has grown a surplus to help with the budget of The Grand Lodge of Florida and its operating expenses. The purpose of the Fraternal Administrative Endowment Fund (FA-100) is to raise funds for Grand Lodge, so the fund investments will eliminate the need for the Per Capita Tax to all Lodges, but as we have seen with diminishing membership and rising expenditures we have had to increase this tax and the need for the fund will continue until a time when we can comfortably do without it.In simple terms, like a business Grand Lodge is our home office, and the Lodges are separate branch offices that operate to promote our organization and carry our message into the communities throughout the state. Like all our Lodges we have established budgets and operating expenses.

Once this fund reaches its goal, these administration costs could be funded from investment income provided by this endowment fund. This would allow the current per capita tax to be kept in your Lodge, and we would reduce the importance of this program as it would be self sustaining. Consider making a donation today, or provide something in your will that would help Grand Lodge when you’re gone. Your Help and Commitment will make this work and our Fraternity will be better for your efforts. We are all in this together and our future relies on us to provide a stable financial environment for years to come.

Grand Master Ties

To facilitate contributions to the FA-100, the Grand Master designs a neck tie each year that is presented to the Craft by the Chairman within each Masonic District. Show your support for the FA-100 by purchasing the Grand Master’s Masonic tie.