Grand Lodge of Florida Masonic Education Lodge Officer Training

As Freemasons, one should always remember, “AN EDUCATED MASON IS A DEDICATED Mason.” As we endeavor to educate more of our Brothers in Masonry, we will see that this is a true phrase. As they learn, they become more active and attendance increases and stronger bonds are developed between themselves. Even the most learned men learn something new each day. This keeps us interested and active. It will take work and dedication on our part, but the results will be very rewarding.

Why is the Master called ‘Worshipful Master’ of a Florida Lodge? The term worshipful also means knowledgeable. It refers to one who has educated himself in and about the Craft Freemasonry. As a Freemason in your Particular Lodge, would you like to be an officer, work your way around to become Master of the Lodge? If so, the Grand Lodge of Florida Masonic Education program has prepared for you an outstanding tool with which you may become very ‘knowledgeable.’ It is called the “Lodge Officers Training Course” and any Master Mason may take it. It consists of Modules 1, 2, and 3; each containing seven lessons. The lessons, of course, are open book type and are to be taken in a non-group environment by any Master Mason. The scoring for these exams will be graded by the Zone Chairman and all grades will be on file at the Grand Secretary’s office.