Child ID Program

Child ID Program

What is the Child ID Program?

The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Florida initiated the Florida Masonic Child ID Program in 1997. During the preceding eighteen (18) years, Masonic Lodges throughout the State of Florida have provided FREE of charge child identification kits to hundreds of thousands of families.

The Florida Masonic Child ID Program has exemplary volunteers. It is focused on prevention, and provides a kit that enables parents/guardians with the capability to quickly distribute digital information. It promotes education for parents and children, and is completely FREE. The program equips law enforcement with vital information to assist their efforts when searching for a missing person. It contains up-to-date quality photos, medical information, physical characteristics, and contact information. The digital fingerprints can be used to help locate a missing person in a variety of ways including licensing, registrations, certifications, employment, law enforcement, and volunteering at a church or school.

In 2015, the Florida Masonic Child ID established the Facebook-site Florida Masonic Child ID Program. This site has the potential to expand the program by increased exposure with the public and organizations that are committed to child safety. Participation from the Zone and District Committeemen is required for these sites to be successful. Success can be measured through increased participation from a civic, church, school, or other organization. It can be measured financially with the receipt of a grant or other financial assistance. It can be measured a success to a Lodge by assisting with increased membership. Private sites were also created to enable the District and Zone Committeemen the ability to share information. Please note rules have been established that govern the contents of the sites.

A Child ID event is one of the most important and useful public relations activities available to the Fraternity. Events educate the public about the Fraternity’s commitment to charity. They display community involvement, set the Craft to work, and are the beginning for the membership process. At a Child ID event, professionals, young adults, and their families witness Masonry and can learn about the Fraternity through a learned Brother who can talk comfortably with others. Our Brothers, their families, and friends continue to donate their time and resources, making the Florida Masonic Child ID Program a Hallmark. Lodges and Districts support each other and welcome assisting with new Child ID Programs.


Fraternal Endowment Fund FA-100

What is the FA-100?

In 1993, the Corporate Board changed the employee retirement program for Grand Lodge that existed, and found that there was a surplus in the accounts and established what we know today as the Fraternal Administrative Endowment Fund (FA-100).

The Fund above was started with an initial investment as a trust fund account that, through the years with donations, along with good investments, has grown a surplus to help with the budget of The Grand Lodge of Florida and its operating expenses. The purpose of the Fraternal Administrative Endowment Fund (FA-100) is to raise funds for Grand Lodge, so the fund investments will eliminate the need for the Per Capita Tax to all Lodges, but as we have seen with diminishing membership and rising expenditures we have had to increase this tax and the need for the fund will continue until a time when we can comfortably do without it.In simple terms, like a business Grand Lodge is our home office, and the Lodges are separate branch offices that operate to promote our organization and carry our message into the communities throughout the state. Like all our Lodges we have established budgets and operating expenses.

Once this fund reaches its goal, these administration costs could be funded from investment income provided by this endowment fund. This would allow the current per capita tax to be kept in your Lodge, and we would reduce the importance of this program as it would be self sustaining. Consider making a donation today, or provide something in your will that would help Grand Lodge when you’re gone. Your Help and Commitment will make this work and our Fraternity will be better for your efforts. We are all in this together and our future relies on us to provide a stable financial environment for years to come.

Grand Master Ties

To facilitate contributions to the FA-100, the Grand Master designs a neck tie each year that is presented to the Craft by the Chairman within each Masonic District. Show your support for the FA-100 by purchasing the Grand Master’s Masonic tie.

Masonic Youth

Florida Masonic Youth Charity

Masonic Charities of Florida, Inc.

The Grand Lodge of Florida has always supported of all forms of Masonic Youth programs. With this in mind, donations to the Florida Masonic Youth Charity are deposited into the Masonic Charities of Florida, Inc., Fund, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable account, and used to support Masonic Youth programs that are dedicated to education and the principles that will help build strong leaders for our future. A separate and special account has been created by the Grand Secretary to ensure that all donations are properly distributed to our youth and proper records maintained.

Masonic Home – MH100

Masonic Home Endowment Fund MH-100

What is the MH-100?

The Masonic Home operates on a budget funded by interest income from our Masonic Home Endowment Fund, Inc. Because of inflation and variations in the stock market, we need to ensure that this investment is large enough to support the home during hard times. The Masonic Home Administrator, Mrs. Renee Verrier, and her excellent staff, have earned the highest rating possible (5 STAR) from the State of Florida Regulatory Inspectors. Our Masonic Home depends on the Endowment Fund for its existence and for the welfare of its residents and for maintaining this high quality of care. These residents, worthy Brothers, their wives, and/or their widows, are the same each of us promised at our Sacred Altar to contribute to their relief. Financially, in order to stay ahead or at least keep up with the increasing cost of living and inflation, it is necessary that we continue to procure donations for the Endowment Fund. This can be accomplished in various ways. The Grand Lodge of Florida recognizes donations to the MH-100 with the following levels:
  • $100 Donation = MH-100 Club Level
  • $200 Donation = Ambassador Club
  • $500 Donation = Gold Club
  • $1,000 Donation = Grand Master’s Club
For the highest per capita donation, one Lodge in each District and one Lodge statewide will be recognized at our Grand Communications in 2016 for their contributions. Other donations to the MH-100 Program can be made in honor of, or in memory of someone special, as an expression of appreciation. Members of a Particular Lodge may compile their donations to purchase a membership in the MH-100 Club to express their appreciation of a deserving Brother.


Grand Master Coins

Support Masonic Youth

Each year, the Grand Lodge of Florida strikes brass and silver coins with the Most Worshipful Grand Master’s likeness on the obverse side, and the Grand Lodge of Florida seal on the reverse side. These coins are presented in every District by the Chairman of Masonic Youth Coins for purchase by the Craft. The proceeds from the sale of the Grand Master’s Coins contributes directly the Florida Masonic Youth Charities, a non-profit organization under the Grand Lodge of Florida, the sole purpose of which is to fund all Masonic Youth activities within the Grand Jurisdiction. Masonic Youth groups are the future of our Fraternity, and depend on these contributions to fund such youth activities as installations, group meetings, group social events, and general expenses of particular chapters

Wills & Gifts

Wills and Gifts Program

Wills and Gifts Explained

One of the most satisfying things that we can do as Masons is to leave a legacy for someone or something we care deeply about. Over the years many Brethren and friends have included a charitable provision in their wills or made a direct cash donation to our Masonic Home of Florida. The results of those gifts have allowed us to influence the lives of many of our fellow Brethren and Widows in their final years. The Wills and Gifts Committee is charged with ensuring a sound financial future for our Masonic Home by educating both Masons and non-masons alike in the various estate planning vehicles available. There are several categories of gift giving available to anyone who wishes to make a donation to our Masonic Home. In order to assist in making decisions regarding planned giving, Grand Lodge has developed a brochure entitled “A Guide to Wills & Trusts in Florida.” The District Committee Chairmen should obtain an ample supply to disseminate among their individual Lodges. The Grand Lodge of Florida has a list of attorneys, within the Fraternity, who are willing to assist Masons and non-Masons in making charitable bequests to the Masonic Home.

Types of Gifts

Bequest Gifts: For many of us a charitable bequest is the easiest and best way to make a gift to our Masonic Home. By means of your will or other estate plan, you can name the Masonic Home as the beneficiary of a portion of your estate or of particular assets in your estate. Giving by bequest costs nothing now, yet it may give you a great deal of satisfaction to know that your future gift will live on. Charitable Gift Annuities: These gift annuities will provide you (and/or someone you designate) with income for the rest of your life, avoid capital gains tax, and leaves a lasting gift to our Masonic Home. A portion of this income stream may be tax-free and you will receive a charitable deduction for the value of your future gift to the Masonic Home. Our Grand Lodge has created a brochure entitled “The Charitable Gift Annuity Program” that will help educate potential donors about the advantages of utilizing this gifting strategy. We have also gathered a list of Brothers that are willing to speak to potential donors on an individual or group basis to provide further information regarding this program. Outright Gifts: These gifts include one-time or ongoing donations of cash or other assets that you wish to donate to the Masonic Home. Typically these gifts have favorable tax advantages associated with them which may be received right away.

LYPMGC for the Home.

Let Your Pennies Make Good Cents

LYPMGC and the Masonic Home

The Let Your Pennies Make Good Cents Program began in 1958. It was created with the intention of every Brother donating a penny a day, to be deposited in an Endowment Fund with the principal never to be touched. The interest from this money would be utilized for the operation of the Masonic Home, which is one of only twenty homes with a FIVE STAR facility rating in Florida, and thereby ensuring the residents of the Home an exceptional quality of life, which they so justly deserve. I am confident that any Brother who visits our Masonic Home will consider his pennies well spent, and will be very proud of our beautiful facility and the comfortable, secure environment that has been created for our Brothers and Sisters. Many Brothers within the jurisdiction of Florida include L.Y.P.M.G.C. in the payment of their Dues to Lodge, in addition to voluntary contributions to the Grand Lodge of Florida. One hundred percent of the funds raised or collected for this program are not discretionary, and cannot be used for other particular Lodge expenditures.