Grand Lodge of Florida Masonic Leadership Training

The Masonic Leadership Training Program now begins its thirteenth year. The program has been overwhelmingly embraced by the Craft. This started as a five year program, but in the last six years we have come a long way in mapping out its future goals. A curriculum outline has been created that provides guidelines for future training and development and is highly recommended to be followed in order not to short change any Brother in his Masonic Education. Several PowerPoint presentations have been created and made available to the leaders of this program with more in the pipeline. This Committee is extremely important to the future of our Fraternity. Please assist The Grand Lodge of Florida in leading our Brothers and Fraternity into the future.

When this material is properly presented, it could make the difference between a well operated Lodge with plans and goals and a misguided Lodge with no plans and goals. It can make a difference with Lodge Officers that are aware of their duties and responsibilities and those that fly by the seat of their pants from meeting to meeting. You can make a difference with Officers that will understand that empowering those behind him with knowledge, duty, and responsibility is the greatest legacy they can leave for their Lodge.